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Mr. Fogg's arterially congested HEART seen at its best at Luke Sciberras's Easter Weekend at Hill End. It did not seem to mind the rain that Easter Saturday.
There's no dance worth dancing if it not on a table, avers Anne Cayser who cleared away the Easter dinner plates and positioned herself between earth and sky (the ceiling actually) to searing gypsy music from, well maybe it was Kazakstan or somewhere a little further west and better spelt.


I went to both Cuba and Mustique last year (2008). Both are islands in the Caribbean. Cuba is one of the largest (maybe the largest)  and Mustique one of the smallest. Cuba is Fidel's Island of Dreams, and Mustique is Felix's Island of Dreams.
Cuba of course is a dream of a socialist paradise, and an independent  country. Mustique is a dream of a capitalist paradise and a rest and  recuperation holiday destination, not an independent  country.  Both succeed in their own very different ways. Fidel Castro is faithful to his dream, and Felix Dennis (my old pal  from the days of London Oz and the legendary Conspiracy and Obscenity Trial) ) is happy in his. Check out Fidel's massive Autobiography and Felix's much shorter and latest book of Mustique poems, Island of  Dreams, written at Mandalay, his Balinese styled eyrie high above Britannia Bay.
Incidentally Fidel means Faithful and Felix means Happy and out of that came my cartoon/collage which you see above.  Yes, Felix does have a Segway and Fidel is still recuperating, but any resemblance to historical accuracy ends there.

The fully clothed Gay Sydney Nudists dared to be there but not to be bare
(Not entirely their  fault - blame New Mardi Gras)


Graeme and MadMax. That's Tora Hymen (and friend) who ran the Dog Show at New Mardi Gras this year (2009) 
MadMax won third prize in the Best Pick- Up Dog Category.

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